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Amit Aggarwal

Financial Expert

With passion to help SME’s, I made informed decision to move in to public practice 5 years ago. In these 5 years, I have assisted number of businesses and individuals with strategic decision making along with training and development of core accounting and business management skills.

The focus has always been on saving my clients time and money.My key strengths are Asset Protection, Tax Planning, Cashflow Management and using technology to save time and money. 

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Life Insurance

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“I gained significant experience in implementing business structures, developing budgets, improving cashflow, managing day to day accounting, implementing strategies to improve bottom line profit.”

Amit Aggarwal

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Amit aggarwal, Your Wealth Navigator

With my passion to help SME and individuals achieve their financial goals, I have developed myself to be an end to end resource. Over last 13 years, I have gathered knowledge and experience in diverse industries.

“I am committed to helping you build a deep connection with your ideal clients through authentic marketing messaging and heart-centered sales conversations.”

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