Strategic planning is equally important for individuals and businesses. As it plays critical role for asset protection, managing cash flow and minimising tax. Lodging tax return should be part of your strategy and not the strategy.

Amit’s Aggarwal is specialist property and business tax accountant. He has been helping people with 

  • tax planning
  • Asset protection
  • Cashflow management and
  • Process efficiency

Hence, working with you on your wealth creation strategy. Amit endeavours to look after you, your family and business with care and integrity.

He has in-depth knowledge of property transactions. These include  GST and Capital Gains Tax. Effective strategy means you will can potentially save a lot in tax.

Furthermore, You get assistance in every aspect of your Business and Personal Taxation. It includes

  • structures set up
  • bookkeeping & accounting
  • year-end tax
  • tax planning
  • BAS, IAS & superannuation
  • business advice.

Property transactions can take years to execute. You need trusted advisors to help you see through end effect. Hence put measures in place today. It’s all about planning

Let’s understand your long term strategy. Subsequently, see how accounting fits in with your wealth creation journey. Hence define plan.

Business environment has been extremely dynamic. Hence you need to make informed decisions. Therefore, having Quarterly, bi-annual and yearly reviews can help. This can help you reduce your tax bill, grow your business and maximise your return on investment. 

Prepare and lodge tax returns for you as an:

  • individual
  • a business trading entity (sole trader, Pty Ltd, Trust, partnership or JV)
  • Property & Investment trust
  • SMSF

Property project can be extremely challenging. Starting with 

  • Feasibility studies
  • Joint Venture structures
  • Tax ramifications including Income v Capital analysis
  • Depreciation
  • GST assessment

         and much more

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services tailored to suit your business needs. 

Attendance to your corporate secretarial requirements and preparation of your annual company review. This also includes the maintenance of your company register over the year and preparation of any minutes.

Combine all of your 

  • accounting 
  • taxation 
  • compliance, 
  • advice and 
  • support 

needs into a fixed monthly fee. 

Understand how complex SMSF compliance can be for you. We will assist with all of your annual reporting needs including financials, tax return, actuary reports and independent fund audit. We will also keep you informed of legislative changes.

Structure setups and the associated advice for both your property and business ventures. Our structuring division will facilitate in full the actual setup of the structure inclusive of specialised legal and accounting advice.



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Amit has developed himself to be an end to end resource. Over last 13 years, he has gather knowledge and experience in diverse industries.

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Amit has developed himself to be an end to end resource. Over last 13 years, he has gather knowledge and experience in diverse industries.