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Looking to buy your dream home or investment property? With our borrowing power calculator, you can understand how much you can borrow.

Borrowing environment has been extremely challenging. Therefore, you need to plan accordingly. Banks consider a lot of things before they approve your application. They want to understand your:

  • Income: Can you income support repayments? Hence, banks add buffer to assess your ability. 
  • Expenses: In order to understand your life style and thus evaluate your ability to repay loan whilst sustaining your lifestyle
  • Assets: Your current level of assets.
  • Liabilities: What your level of current debt and if you have capacity to take on new debt.
  • Character in terms of making repayments. Hence evaluate your history by using comprehensive credit reporting.
  • Security: Are there any risks associated with property. Therefore, may not want to take risk on.

Therefore, most likely you can expect a lot of questions coming your way. Hence, using our calculators can help you prepare upfront.

As part of your strategy, you should review your current loans and structures in line with your goals. This should be ongoing from there on as your needs/goals may change with time. We can assist with the recommendation of property strategies to help you achieve your goals. Assessing your borrowing capacity and how to maximise it along with highlighting areas of risk and suggesting ways to mitigate those risks. Taking a strategic approach, having our ongoing support, understanding your position and being ready to execute transaction. 

In an ever changing investment lending environment let us help you find the most suitable lending solution. Be that buying your first, second or subsequent investment property, constructing a duplex or block of unit we can assist. Identifying your needs matching your plans to the correct lender at the right time is key. Not all banks are equal in the investment lending space. We work with a panel of lenders and will recommend the most suitable lender for your individuals deals.

An area many personal investors do not explore is development or commercial property. We specialise in this area and can assist by matching the lender to the property and your future plans.

To grow your portfolio and continue to maximise your property investment options you need to ensure that each property and in turn the finance for it are enablers to allowing you to continue.

Structuring, financing, using the right lender, borrowing the right amount and timing can be the makes or breaks. Let us help you set your plan and achieve your goals.

SMSF lending can be extremely challenging. Currently, there are only hand full of lenders who look at lending to SMSFs. Requirements from lenders and ATO are extremely complex and hence you need an expert to assist you with your lending requirements.


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Amit has developed himself to be an end to end resource. Over last 13 years, he has gather knowledge and experience in diverse industries.

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Amit has developed himself to be an end to end resource. Over last 13 years, he has gather knowledge and experience in diverse industries.