Advantages of Home Loans for Healthcare Professionals

Home Loans for Medical Professionals

We find specialist products and rates exclusively for medical professionals, so you don’t have to worry about navigating complicated financial procedures. 

Below are a list of professions that can receive exclusive home loan products; tell us whether you are after our own home to live in or an investment property so we can best help you. 



Medical professionals

At Business Advisory Melbourne, we are equipped to help you with all your financing needs, whether it be restructuring your existing finances or expanding your portfolio with additional properties, residential, commercial or even a rural escape. 

This comprehensive list of eligible medical professionals for specialist home loans is not exhaustive. Generally, various banks and lenders offer home loans for medical residents, interns, hospital-employed doctors, and most other medical practitioners. However, some medical professionals, such as psychologists and naturopaths, may not qualify for a medical mortgage. It’s wise to verify your eligibility with our team to ensure you have the best options available to you.

You must also have a registration with a recognised medical association in Australia or New Zealand like:
The Australian Medical Council (AMC) 
Australian Dental Council (ADC) or 
Australian Veterinary Association, etc.  
to be eligible.