Key to success – Know Yourself

Check-Lock And Different Keys Concept

Knowing yourself is important part of goal setting process.  It is two-part process. Validate quantifiable factors such as Assets Liabilities Income Expenses Health Age And then there are traits that define you as an individual. Traits such as Strengths Weaknesses Fears Greed Peace of mind Ability to take risk The two collective defines you as […]

Accounting 101

Family saving money in piggy bank

Accounting is required by all businesses Cloud-based accounting solutions have helped businesses ¤ View your cashflow in real-time ¤ Get paid faster with online invoicing and automatic reminders ¤ Quickly set up employee payments with Payroll ¤ Get automatic bank transactions updated in your cloud accounting software ¤ Reconcile all your bank transactions in seconds ¤ Manage your paper trail with online file storage ¤ Reach out for free […]